Geezerhood and SUL gear


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Sep 15, 2012
Mojave Desert, Nevada
As I advance further into geezerhood I find the need for Super Ultra Light gear. (See Backpacking Light's SUL forum for an idea of this concept.)

I'm now looking for the discontinued Six Moon Design Skyscape solo tent made of Cuben fiber. It's spendy but well worth the money for the light weight. I've begun scouring the backpacking sites for a used Skyscape.

Yeah, I currently have a light Tarptent Moment DW solo tent that is great and relatively light. It's good for winter since I re-designed an optional ridge pole to give it more strength in winds and heavy snow loads so I'll keep it for that purpose.

But most of my backpacking, even for hunting, is 3 season stuff and the Skyscape tent would help. I may even go for a lighter internal frame pack than my already light Osprey EXOS 58.

I have carbon fiber hiking poles and that helps.
My shoes are fairly light. Even my mid height GTX Merrill Moab boots for cool and/or wet weather are fairly light. I wear 3 mm neoprene divers' sox over thin poly liners for cold weather and knee high GTX gaiters for snow. I can use this setup to about 15 F.

An XL eVent parka (to fit over my down jacket) and eVent rain pants are also in my pack for hunting. There are lighter breathable rain parkas but they tear much too easily for hunting off trail in the peckerwood and such.

Finally, If'n I had the money I'd get a carbon fiber stock and CF wrapped Proof Research barrel for my hunting rifle and that may happen next summer, at least for the stock.

And so my quest goes on to extend my years of backpack hunting in the hills. Maybe a llama to carry my gear is in the future. No joke.

Eric B.
Yeah, Huntsman, that Honey Badger deal may be the answer.

The one-wheeled carts are a PITA according to a friend of mine. They are nasty on uphills and balance on rough terrain is a constant wrestling problem.

Eric B.
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