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Gearing Up For Mountain Extremes

By ADMIN · Oct 9, 2018 ·
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    Mar 6, 2008
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    Gearing Up For Mountain Extremes

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  2. Litehiker

    Litehiker Well-Known Member

    Sep 15, 2012
    A good hasty shelter or "Bothy" as the Brits call it, is an excellent item to add to the 10 Essentials of must-carry gear in the mountains. Your shelter saved the day, or at least made it more endurable. I carry an 8' x 8' tarp W/ many tie-out points to accommodate most situations.

    Eric B.
  3. AmityPaBearHunter

    AmityPaBearHunter New Member

    Nov 20, 2018
    So many of my hunting friends have no idea what it feels like to leave the warmth of a Western Mountaineering sleeping bag, put on some super lite weight Kuiu clothes (I use Kuiu almost exclusively). And crawl out of a Bibler 4 season tent high in the Rockies on a snow covered morning. Weather you have a bow or rifle in your hand, wow what a great way to start the day...

    My hunting friends ideas of hunting is to sleep in a bed, in a lodge, with 3 meals provided and a warm truck to drive them to their hunting spot. Then they have someone do all the work after they pull the trigger.

    Fortunately My hunting BUDDIES know the same one of a kind feeling. That feeling of pure awesome and enjoyment of hunting the backcountry and mountain ridges. Maybe these type of hunts call to us because for the most part we work all year to save up for tags, gas/diesel, and supplies to be able to go hunt a week or two. Maybe we can’t afford those “all inclusive” hunting trips. I like to think we are tougher, more able bodied, and have better skills.... and GEAR!!!!

    Anyways I’m thankful for Ray W, Jeremy W, and Chris B. A couple of good guys and true hunting buddies!