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    May 28, 2011
    Ive been doing F Class shooting from 300-1200yds (and a 1500yd shoot) for a few years, travelling around the country to the bigger Queens Prize shoots and have tried a few 1000yd BenchRest shoots, but have only recently started some longer range hunting. Up until recently, my longest shots in the bush were usualy 1-200yds, but lately I have gone out with some other local shooters who are right into the long range shooting.
    It was good fun to go out with some shooters who realy know how to shoot and dont rush me into taking quick off hand shots. Lately I have only used my 308 Rem 700. This rifle is very accurate and I have actualy won F class prize shoots with this hunting rifle so the rifle does the job. So far the longest shots in the bush I have taken are 550yds with the range finder. I,m keen to build up a 257 Weatherby for some more long range work, but I would also like to try my F class competition guns off a rest on top of a hill in the near future. With these rifles I have (actual fired) scope settings for up to 1200yds with one gun and 1500yds with the other.
    A freind has me doing some load development on his 7mm WSM. Since it kicks more than either of us like for accurate target work, we are thinking of putting a big brake on it to use for hunting. He has also mentioned reaming it out to 7mm RUM for some long range hunting. Where I live, long range shots are easy to come across, so I hope to put my competition experience to good use.

    Oh well, enough from me, I will be looking around to see what everyone else has been doing.