Garmin Xero C1 Pro

Wy Will

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May 4, 2012
Rock Springs, WY
Anybody have any details on this new chrono?
About $25 cheaper than labradar. I'll stick with my labaradar
Claims state that it isn't affected by other shooters and doesn't need a trigger to register suppressed rifles or even air rifles. Also has a 0.1fps resolution. Pretty interesting and labradar definitely needed some competition in this field.
Just ordered mine. In stock and shipping this morning from Midway. Says it will be here 10-26.

Safe shooting

List of features from Midway:

Measures medium-and high-velocity projectiles from 100 fps to 5,000 fps for bullets, arrows, bolts, slugs, birdshot, paintballs and airsoft BBs
Easy to set up and simple to use; turn it on, point it in the right direction, and shoot within roughly 15" of the device
Compact design is easy to transport since it fits in your back pocket
Features an easy-to-read, backlit display
Button-operated design is simple to use
Up to 6 hours of battery life give you plenty of time at the range
Pair with your smartphone, and use the ShotView app to record results and keep track of your data: compare velocity for every shot
There's a great thread on the Hide on it where some guys have their hands on them. It will be awesome, big company backing it unlike Labradar. Time to sell the orange box
Looks like a fire sale on Labradars in the FS section, LOL...I'm not likely to sell my Labradar, but the Xero looks pretty sweet! If nothing else, the form factor is awesome!
I like the Garmin's ability to record velocities up to 5000 fps, which is a major issue with the Labradar (3900 avg limit) with my 220 Wlson Arrow. The Labradar has the great feature of tracking downrange velocities for limited distances based on projectile diameter which helps with BC computations. The Garmin's small size and ease of setup is another bonus. It will be interesting to see who comes out with the next chrono with the best features of both units.