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Jan 23, 2006

Gap 7wsm built by George, has arrow stamp
Manners MCS-T digital camo, 2 left side flush cups, 3 APA studs
Oberyemer deep fluted 25in barrel
Badger Brake, Badger bottom metal & recoil lug
Remington 700 s.a.
APA bolt knob
Gap tuned Remington Trigger
Tab Gear Sling
1 5round modded magazine with plate removed
20 MOA Base
Round count is 804
Impact Data Book also included with all load data that i have
bipod and scope not included.

I hate to do this but i need to sell my 7wsm, this gun is a hammer, very accuarte. I am currently shooting the 180g Vld's at 2900fps here in Florida, i was closer to 2930fps at ASC in West Virgina. Like all Gap's this gun shoots, and was built by George. the barrel on this gun is also very rare, from what i have been told this is one of 5 7mm oberymer barrels that Gap reiceved. I did notch the action to allow me to seat the bullets out farther, it feeds great.

I have for this gun redding competition Seater and a redding full lenght and neck sizer dies both non-bushing.

I know that i also have close to 400 pieces of brass for this gun (370 or 380ish), and around 200 that are loaded with 62g H4831sc and 180g Vld's. i will get an exact count of the brass and ammo in a couple of days all of that is at my finance's place and i am not going over there for a few days, but i very close to above numbers.

To me this gun balances and feels great, it has also made hits out to 1830yards, trust me this thing shoots




$3100 shipped for gun, dies, ammo

Gun only $2750 shipped, i will then sell all ammo and components afterwards
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