GAP-10 in 6.5 Creedmoor - $2700


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Feb 12, 2015
I'm selling my GAP-10 in 6.5 Creedmoor. Price is $2700 shipped. It's an awesome rifle, but I'm trying to reduce my collection, and this one is something that I don't shoot very often.

This one was build in 2016 and is on the latest GEN 2 upper and lower. Has an excellent 2-stage National Match Trigger, adjustable gas block so you can run it suppressed, Bartlein 8.2 Twist barrel at 23", It has an Area 419 Hellfire brake (which I can remove and deduct $100 if buyer doesn't want it), 2 PMags (10 rd and 20 rd), and it will be shipped in a Pelican take down case that has the foam cut out specifically for this rifle.

This rifle shoots like a high end bolt gun. Easily holds half MOA consistently out past 500 yds. It's got about 300 rounds through it. I shot one PRS match with it in 2017 just for fun, and had my second highest finish ever just shooting Hornady 120 AMax factory ammo.

Other stuff...
Ammo - Ammo can be hard to find right now. I have about 200 rounds of 6.5 Creedmoor rounds that I've reloaded for this rifle. It's in once fired Hornady brass with 130 Berger Hybrids loaded for this rifle. Not a hot load or anything. Just a nice, easy, accurate load of Varget that moves the 130 bullet at 2730 fps. I also have about 100 rds of Hornady factory ammo with 120 grain amax's. I will sell all of these rounds for $1.50/round with the rifle (will get an exact round count for buyer if interested).

Scope - The scope on the rifle in the pictures is a Vortex Razor HD AMG in MOA. I will include this scope along with the original box and all the accessories that come with the scope, the AAD Mount caps, the scope level, and the GG&G QD one piece mount for $1600 with the rifle.

NOTE: First person that replies to the thread "I will take it." followed by a private message gets the rifle. It's posted on other forums as well. Also note - the green tape on the barrel in the pics is just a piece of masking tape that I record round count and cleaning info on. Not covering anything up.

Thanks for looking!


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Feb 12, 2015
Already got asked about trades... The only trade I'd seriously consider would be a high end 223 bolt rifle that's a lightweight hunting build.


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Feb 12, 2015
Small change. I listed the barrel twist as an 8 twist, but I found the original build sheet and it says it's an 8.2 twist. Not a huge change, but I updated the post.


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Feb 12, 2015
In looking through my emails looking for the build sheet I found the following email review I did of this rifle after my first couple or range sessions and sent to Ken Lin at GA Precision...

Jamie Bolseth <[email protected]>​

Aug 8, 2016, 10:24 AM

to Ken

Hi Ken,

A quick satisfied customer note.

That GAP-10 is really amazing and far exceeds my expectations. Here are some pics of my first few shots. I bought a box of Hornady 143 ELDX hunting ammo and a box of Hornady 120 Amax ammo just to try it out.

First I did a 10 shot sight in and barrel break in at 100 yds. Then the next 5 shot group I did was at 360 yds with Hornady 143 ELDX hunting ammo. That group came in at exactly 1" or just about 1/4 MOA! Whoa.

This group was shot just as it started to pour rain, and that ended my range session on day 1.

The next day I came back and shot a 5 shot group at 500 yds with the last five 143 ELDX's that I had left. This was with a clean, cold bore. Didn't have a micrometer, but the 6.5 CM case is about 1.9 inches, so this group is roughly 1.75 inches at 500 yds or about 1/3 MOA. Wow.

I was out of the 143 ELDX ammo, so I took one shot at 100 yds with 120 Amax just to verify zero, then dialed up and fired 9 shots at 500 yds as fast as I could shoot accurately (probably about 15-20 seconds.). Still held under 1 MOA with that ammo for a 9 shot group. Impressed...

I have lots of accurate rifles, but this thing appears to be about as accurate as any of my bolt guns just by throwing whatever factory ammo the store has on the shelf in it.

Really nice work.


Ken Lin <[email protected]>​

Aug 8, 2016, 10:55 AM

to me

nice shooting Jamie! I love hearing back from our customers and seeing some reports!

we've been pretty wary of posting things like this even though the vast majority of our customers are telling us they shoot 1/2 MOA--there's a lot of folks that dont give themselves the time to get use to a larger platform semi.

but I'm glad you're getting these results!

Let me know if you have any questions.



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