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    Mar 12, 2011
    I'm fairly new here, found the site as I was converting to long range hunting/shooting due to a medical condition.

    I want to offer my impressions on G7 products.
    Researching my optics, in March '11, I talked with Mike (?) of Nightforce re their new hunting reticles, describing my desires in reticle. Based on my description he suggested I contact G7. I talked with Mike of G7 and settled on the G7 scope (and sebsequently on the BR2).

    I waited months in much anticipation for the scope and rf. I was surprised when the rf arrived first and a couple weeks later the scope. I quickly (and carefully) installed the scope on a Savage 111 fcns with custom barrel with EGW 20moa rail and ARC Rings. I spent considerable time plumbing the vertical axis of the scope to the apparent centerline of the rifle.

    Yesterday I found my way to the range to start barrel break-in and check optic alignment. Setting a target at 100 yards and utilizing an inverted "T" target and sled first shot was on centerline and 4" low and cleaned and de-fouled the barrel. Rotated 3 moa up I hit the intersection of the "T"!. I then cranked it up another full rotation (or 20moa to 23moa) and third shot +22" 3/4" left.
    I then re-set to 20moa down and jerked the trigger for the last round of the day. I'll post a pic of the target a little later.

    First I'm impressed with everything I've chosen for this build for my forray into long distance hunting. As a retired engineer I appreciate the simplistic integration of precision into the hunting world. I look forward to continuing breaking in and then fine tuning my rounds (utilizing Laupa/Berger 168 vld/Rutumbo).

    Once I get round placement consistent I'll fine tune scope alignment, if required.

    Firstly my impression is it was worth the wait. I like the fact that utilizing high quality components this rifle is hitting accurately with factory settings (and tolerances).

    I'm anxious to finish-up development of this rifle and get it out to my friends range (with 1k yd capabilities).

    I want to thank the posters of this Board and Sniper Hide for their postings that along with input from Mike of NF directed me to these optics.

    I think Mike and Aaron have a great system and should be appreciated for their work (as a small company) to bring such tools to our sport.
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    Mar 12, 2011
    here's the pic

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