G7 BR2 rangefinder

Got word the balance of my rifle parts are enroute and opened/played around with the rangefinder yesterday. First impression the unit is lightweight in view of it's size (it's not large).
I have and advance copy of the manual and while the instructions are clear, it took me a couple efforts reading and running through the keystrokes to get the programming menus down.
I used it only around our home and did not have any long range views within the ranging capabilities of the rf (tree obstructions and overly long range).
With that I found the unit capable of quick and accurate acquisition at ranges from 10 yds out to 800 yards. I put it through it's paces and found only one shot I could not range. A small window through pine branches (at about 40 yards attempting to range a small section of roof (angled away from me) at about 600 yards. It was not a fair test as I was trying to test the units limits.
The eberlestock small padded accessory pouch is a good (just fits) fit.
I played around with changing the target type, display brightness, output options (bdc, moa, inches) and creating editing profiles. All are intiuative (as soon as one figures out the key strokes required) and fairly easy to navigate. With practice I'll get better. I noticed (and expect) elevation to be off a little due to barometric conditions. I have not dug deep enough to see if this is adjustable. I found it to be about 75 feet below my gps indicated elevation. Close enough for intended pourposes.
Will offer more once I get it out to the range and compare against my buddys Leica Geovid.

The small window through the branches; were you getting the branches instead of the rooftop that was out further?

Also, how big do you suppose the window was? Was it smaller than the aiming reticle or larger? What kind of reticle does it use?

From the time you push the button, how long would you say it takes to give a reading (lets say at 600 yds or so)?


same question, relating to speed. You mentioned it's faster than the Swarovski, but I haven't used a swarovski. Only thing I can compare to is the Leicas or the old Bushnell 800.?

The Leica 1600 gives a range or --- (if unable to range) within about 1/2 second, but it takes an additional 2 1/2 seconds or so before the reticle will show up again for a repeat try. Scan mode gives readings quicker, but it still takes about 4 seconds to get the unit into scan mode. So basically, I am approx 4 seconds from one reading to a second reading no matter if I use scan or individual button strokes. The Leica 1200 recovered much quicker, but it didn't have the ballistic features or angle temp and pressure. I never trust just one reading, I always try to get 2 or 3 to confirm.

Is the ballistic programing in these a "pre-selected" curve type of thing, or do you actually input the BC and MV of your particular load.?

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I cant wait to here how the side by side test work,s out.I love my swarovski and other than a military grade rangefinder for me the rest just don,t cut it.
Good luck on the hunt.
I'm in nv until monday.
I'll spend some more time handling and using the various functions.
There are 3 (maybe more) different ranging modes, ie. single shot, average and another I can't recall.
The hole in the trees between my location and the roof target was less than 1/4 of the field of view. Off the top of my head the rf has 6x mag. To be fair to you and this units capabilities I want to give it more time, try the diffrent scan modes and provide you bettter approximations of what I'm doing.
I know how to tak a camera pic through the optics so will try to provide some screen shots as well.
My previous rf was (can't recall model) leica. This responds quicker, has much better light gathering (obj).
To be honest it will take me a week or so of hands on to give a good opinion.
But right now I amd jazzed and think it will perform above my expectations.
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Re: G7 BR2 range finder

I,ve tried everything out there and some makes like lecia many times and took them all back to cabelas.I bought my first swaroski four years ago and it has worked perfectly out as far as 1800 yards or more.
If they would build a model with a incline in it and nothing else it would be for me anyway perfect.The glass alone makes it better than all the rest ,,,you really can use it as bino,s and not carry two thing,s
Look forward to your feed, back,,and I hope you get to use it on animals at different range,s not just tree,s rock,s etc.
Got a chance to make the rf shot through the hole in the trees to the top of a house this evening. Distance confirmed using google earth. Pic tells the story.
Acquired distance in approx. 3 seconds. Distance is yards.
Note in my previous post I said this was about 600 yards. I'm new to long range hunting and will use this rf plenty.


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What's the "h" indicate?

Are those red lines always in view.

Seems quite bright in the display. Any way to tone it down?

Seems to be boisterous in the aiming point area. Covers a lot of landscape.
the h represents horizontal distance. the red lines are not there, just the digits. I believe it's how I took the pic with the camera lens right up to the eye piece, probably reflection.. The brightness is adjustable. It has 4 brightness levels I think this is on the brightest setting as I've been messing with it in bright sunlight. This pic was taken about 1/2 hr prior to sunset.
The aiming point can be set as it shown, as just the x or just the square.
You should talk! :cool:

Sheese.....cut me a little slack, eh! :)

Thanks for your link to your field experience. I had missed it....

And thanks mtngun for the explanation.

Inasmuch as I'm in a great need for a LRF and I'll be shooting again next spring AND I sold my Leica 1200 to a young LRH up and comer, who btw along with his brother nailed two very nice bulls last year at long ranges. I have no range finder.

I'm seriously looking but am constrained by how much change is in my pocket and my penny pinching nature.

Additionally I'm a little biased towards sponsors of LRH. I purchase all that I can from people here. Notice I said people, not companies. That's important to this old geezer.

I'm anticipating on doing plenty of rock bustin' out towards 1800 with fancy new bullet design in the 270 AM and a bit beyond that with the 375 AM. Shooting a insignificant game, rocks, coyotes, chucks and woofs will be at whatever distance they happen to be seen. I'm not concerned about making a humane kill on these targets. Attempts at more respectable game, deer, bear, elk, moose, etc, will be taken at much more reasonable distances, comfortable environmental conditions and a darn good LRF.

I'm after the LRF that has a bit of personal innovation designed in that may well give it an advantage. I want nothing perfect, just good enough for my needs. My needs are considerable. They're right up there with my 'wants'.:)
Used the rf some more today, bright sunny day, found an open spot on a hillisde, less than 3 seconds output 1689 yards, again confirmed on google earth. I do not think there will be any issues with acquiring accurate distances with some obstructions in the field of view at the distances I plan the hunt, 400-800 yds.
I have to get working up my loads now so I can imput my bullistic data and confirm if calculations are spot-on.
fwiw, I have not spotted any deer (black tail here) at range, the yard deer the wife dislikes would not be a challenge for this device.
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