Fun On the Manti


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Jun 12, 2001
Potomac River
Some people just can't refuse a challenge. Here is one of the locals trying to make a downhill double S curve that is mud going into packed ice so slick a person cannot even stand on it.


Lots of spectators waiting to see who will be foolish enough to try to go down and pull him straight

That 250 foot tower looks awful familiar, and so does that uniform.

Last time I saw that tower, I was dangling from it with a canopy over top of me.
BB...give us a report, where are you? seeing anything good? is Cynthia along for the trip.

Give our thanks to Phil for his service. I look back now and realize I should have served.
Those towers bring back good memories. I hung from them in 1980. Good hunting; to you and your son.

Niceville, FL
Class 2-81 in Oct 1980. I know this because it's on the Iron Mike I got from the school. I lived in the company that still allowed beer machines in the barracks. Those days are gone now. I also went back for Pathfinder school a few years later.

Niceville, FL
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