Fun little experiment with 22BR


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Jun 11, 2010
Pulled out my 22BR for some low level science yesterday. I had been wanting to do a "shelf stability" test on some ammo and a "bore condition" test on a rifle stored vertically with a suppressor on it... so I haven't fired this rifle in nearly 3 years. I loaded the ammo back then, and shelved it too. Nothing conclusive here... but it was fun to see the results anyway and I figured I'd share. I almost shot this ammo up many times, but I wanted to hang in there for as long as I could and yesterday I gave in. That 22BR just needed to be shot. :)

80gr berger at 2930fps with 31gr of H4350. Absolutely getting it done. Landed 5 you could near cover with a quarter at 300yds.

Didn't touch the zero. Just put 1.2 mils of elevation in, held near 4 tenths for the breeze and about center punched the head on that ipsc. It was cool to see the rifles zero not shift at all, not even a tenth, in all that time. No big revelation here folks... but for me it does validate my process at the load bench a bit. None of my ammo hangs around once it's loaded, not for 3 years or even 3 months, so it's fairly irrelevant, but still nice to know. It's easy to have confidence in quality equipment when it constantly does what you ask, regardless of what you're asking. These TS Customs rifles consistently do it.