Full Precision Bench Shooting Setup


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Feb 24, 2013
Up for sale is a complete BR/F-class setup that is perfect for competition shooting or serious target shooting for Precision long range load development.

Prefer to sell as a whole package, but will also price the rear bags separately.

Rest, front bags, and accessories will stay together.

- Target Shooting, model 1200.
- Rest as pictured with 4" front bag filled with heavy sand comes in at 24 lbs, 6.6 oz.
- Very wide and long footprint that is solid as a rock.
- Integral level on heavy duty thick steel frame plus and additional 3" hardwood leveling block for the 3" front bag.
- Nice large roller bearing elevation wheel.that is nice and smooth. Locks down fir absolutely zero movement.
- Heavy duty spring assist windage adjustment that will not move when left at desired position.
- Height and distance adjustable stock battery return stop.
- Large beefy height adjustable leg screws with sharp points for locking rest down on wood benches.
- Big 3" rubber padded remiveable feet for shooting on concrete benches or ground positions for F-Class.
- 4" and 3" protector front bags included for versatile stock options. Both bags fit in the same top and both are filled with heavy sand.

Rear Bags and Sand
- Large Flat Top Dr. Protecktor bag has 1/2" wide spacing between SLICK SILVER ears. Filled with heavy sand.
- Smaller Tracker Protektor bag has 0.7" wide spacing between CONDURA ears. Filled with heavy sand
- 15 lbs. of Sinclair heavy sand with long tube filling funnel (very little used, maybe 1/4 lb missing). Price of sand not factored into overall package price.

- Rest can also be fitted with any other type of front bag for different stock forearm contours.

These are heavy items and would be difficult fo me to estimate shipping so buyer will have to pay actual shipping costs.
* I will use flat rate boxes to possibly split some objects up into multiple shipments to try and save shipping costs for the buyer if they want.


To break down the savings I am offering with this package deal, I have listed the price of all these items if purchased new.

Target Shooting model 1200 rest: $750
Target Shooting model 1200 3" feet: $80
3" Protektor leather bag w/hvy sand: $56
4" Protektor Slick Silver bag w/hvy sand: $76
3" Hardwood bag leveling block: $40
Protektor Tracker Condura bag w/hevy sand: $160
Protektor Dr. Slick Silver bag w/heavy sand: $170
15 lbs of Sinclair heavy sand w/funnel: $41

Total of all items if you purchased all new:
$1373 - not including shipping costs.

Askng price for entire Package Deal:
$900 - plus actual shipping costs.

Model 1200 Rest, 3" Feet, 3"& 4" Front bags, wood level block, and heavy sand with funnel:
$750 - Plus actual shipping costs.

Large Flat top Dr. Protektor rear bag:
$120 - Plus actual shipping costs.

Protektor Tracker rear bag:
$80 - Plus actual shipping costs.

* Heavy sand can be removed to save shipping costs if buyer does not want it.










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Rum Man

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Nov 2, 2017
Beautiful package guys ! I'm sure someone needs this !
Great seller to guys ! Deal with Confidence..

Rum Man

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