SOLD/EXPIRED FT ONLY: H&R 7mm-08 Limited Edition


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Sep 15, 2009
I just bought this a few months back. Also bought a boyds thumb hole stock. The color on this gun is forest camo. Very rare! The stock "stock" (which is included) came with has a limited edition coin embedded in the stock. I have never seen an H&R sold on here like this. Took me forever to find. Promise you wont find another 1 like it for A LONG time. H&R is currently back ordered on the 7mm-08. Includes factory box and papers.

This gun has been shoot exactlly 7 times when i initially sighted it in. Havnt takin any deer with it yet. But has been takin out in the woods. Wood is in perfect condition. Few scratches on the scope. Ive had it on a few diff guns. NcStar 4-16x50. Very clear and holds zero. Gathers light very very well.

So why am i trading it? Bc it doesnt fit me well. Its not comfy for me to shoot. My arms are to long.

Trade value ($500)

Trades: Savage 200 7mm-08 or any other BOLT 7mm-08 with less than 50 rounds down it NO MORE! With scope!


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