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    Sep 5, 2004
    Ranger Rick Pocket Books- these are great for NCO’s and “Officers to keep track of things-Warning & Operation Order Handbook” and “The Squad Leader’s Personnel and Equipment Combat Field Status Pocket Book” I have three of each, new. $3 each or $5 per pair or $12 for all 6 books shipped USPS media mail.

    Books, Videos and Novels: all prices include shipping via USPS media mail for 3 or more books ask about lower prices! Or all the books and videos below for $75 shipped USPS media mail.

    1-Genghis Khan-Conqueror of the World-$5
    2-The Mountain Bike Book-Choosing, Riding and Maintaining the Off-Road Bicycle-$6
    3-The Way Things Outght To Be by Rush Limbaugh-$9
    4-Unintended Consequences by John Ross-$13
    5-Journal of a Trapper-A Hunter’s Rambles Among the Wild Regions of the Rocky Mts. 1834-1843 by Osborne Russell-$6
    6-The Witchery of Archery (paperback edition) by Maurice Thompson-$5
    7-Hunting Fringeland Deer by David Richey-$8
    8-Advanced Deer Hunting by John Weiss-$8
    9-Bowhunting for Whitetails by Dave Bowring-$8
    10-NAHC video-A Taste of Wild Game-Delicious Game Dinners-$7
    11-NAHC video A Taste of Wild Game-Venison-this one shows you how to process deer meat from bone to table-$7 (#10 and #11 both for $12)

    Graphing Calculator!!
    Got a kid begging you for a graphing calculator? Here’s where you can get one CHEAP!
    TI-81 Graphing calculator with instruction book shipped-$20.
    Casio CFX-9850GA PLUS w/COLOR screen, instruction book-hardly used-$35 shipped.

    Becker Brute BK-1 with kydex sheath, it’s seen some use but not abuse-$68 shipped.
    Victorinox Rucksack-it was my daily carry until I got a Vic. Trailmaster-$22 shipped.

    As usual, I’m open to offers, I could use more cash at the moment, but willing to listen to trades. I am looking for a book, GUN DIGEST BOOK OF KNIVES, not sure which edition, but Chapter 5 starts on page 76 with Practical Big Knives-A Big Knife Will Almost Always Do A Better Job Than A Small One, with a picture of a guy wearing a hat with knife/machete chopping a tree branch.

    I don’t get back to every forum as often as I’d like, so the absolute BEST way to get a hold of me ASAP is to EMAIL me at [email protected].

    Thank you!
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