SOLD/EXPIRED FS/T: Leupold and Burris Rings and Bases

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    I have several sets of Leupold Two piece reversible front and regular bases(M700) and various heights of 1" rings(all matte finish)plus a set of 30mm dual dovetail rings(high, I believe) and bases for sale or trade.
    I also have a set of 1" medium ht. matte finish Burris Signature ZEE(weaver style) rings with the inserts.

    I need a set of Nightforce/Baer tapered bases for a M700 LA or SA. I also need a set of Burris Signature ZEE or standard adj. rear type 30mm rings in high or medium height/matte finish. I also need some Sierra Matchkings in 30 cal./240gr. Other interesting trades considered.

    I will sell the 1" rings and base sets individuallly for $12.50 incl shipping. Multiple sets only pay for shipping once--remaining sets are $10. Some sets are new, some are used, none are abused. The complete Dual Dovetail set-up is $35 incl shipping. The 1" Burris Rings are $20 incl shipping.

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    Dec 29, 2001
    If you still have zee rings I am interested. Have been switching to these on all my guns.
    Marty [email protected]