SOLD/EXPIRED FS Savage 12 LRPV w laminated Fclass stock


Apr 1, 2009
SOLD!12 LRPV w laminated Fclass stock

gun)Right hand left port solid bottom single shot. 22-250 with 1-9 twist total round count <130.
have loads with 75 amax i will provide to you data. naked bullets only never fired moly. Gun shoot high 3s @ 100 have shot sub 2.5 in grp @ 500. Stock is factory F class gray laminate bedded by a retired mil armorere and is perfect. There is not a nick on this gun its like new. killed a couple groundhogs this summer over 800 yrd and it works well @ that distance. Stock alone from savage cost me 475.00 I have over 1600.00 invested you can get it for 900.00 shipped to your FFL.
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