SOLD/EXPIRED FS Remington 700 7mm STW


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Aug 24, 2010
I took this in on trade. Rem 700 stainless that was a 7mm mag that was sent out west (he could not remember the name of the gunsmith) to be rechambered into 7mm stw it is sitting in a HP stock and was magna ported. Comes with a set of custom dies cut from the same reamer as the barrel. It is a light gun weights about less than 8lb scoped thus the magna ported. It will shoot MOA with 140 grain Ballistic tips. Has about 100 rounds own the tube. I will take $850 shipped for the gun and 3 die set. NOT ME IN THE PIC!!!
Barrel maker would be Remington. This was a new 7mm mag rem 700 stainless non j-lock rifle that was sent to smith to have rechambered into 7MM STW. The dies were custom made for this gun with reamer that was used to chamber the rifle. I will get barrel length and twist later today
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