SOLD/EXPIRED FS: Reloading dies, .224" bullets, and tools


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Nov 21, 2012
Western NC
Ran into a unexpected series of expenses, decided to sell some of my reloading equipment.

575 bullets for 5.56 NATO M193, which is 55gr. FMJBT bullets with cannelure. They are Hornady brand, I purchased several years ago in bulk, and this is what I have left,

Also have 100ct. box of .224" 69gr. Sierra Matchking HPBTs,

100 ct. box of .224" 69gr. Nosler Custom Competition HPBT,

New in box, never used .223 Rem Lee Factory Crimp Die, $12,

New in box, never used RCBS Carbide .44 Mag/Spl 3 die set, $40,

New in box, never used Lee Deluxe .270 Win 3 die set (full length sizer, neck sizer, seater/crimp dies), $26,

Used in box, excellent condition RCBS .223 Rem full length 2 die set, $25,

Used in box, excellent condition RCBS .38/.357 Mag 3 die set, $22

New in box Hornady Headspace Gauge Kit (5 headspace gauges and anvil/compator body, attaches to your caliper, measure headspace off the datum line, works for almost all bottleneck centerfire cartridges. The anvil/comparator body also works with Hornady bullet comparator inserts/bushings), $35,

Used in box, like new, RCBS Rangemaster 750 digital reloading scale, $95,

Lee wooden ball hand case trimmer with case length gauges for .223 Rem, .357 Mag, and .45 ACP, $15 for all,

Complete Lyman hand tool case-prep set, includes small primer pocket cleaner, large primer pocket cleaner, small primer pocket uniformer, large primer pocket uniformer, small primer pocket crimp reamer/remover, VLD chamfering tool, and universal flash hole reamer, entire set for $75,

RCBS chamfer/deburring tool, .17-.60 $16, .17 - .45 $14

Can accept some trades, pm or email me at [email protected]
Sorry, was typing in a hurry earlier and didn't notice that I didn't list a price on those.

Sierra 69's $25 shipped
Nosler 69's $25 shipped
Hornady 55gr. FMJBT's $60 shipped
I'll take these:
Hornady 55gr. FMJBT's $60 shipped
Please pm the details.
Update on what's still available and price updates:

New Lee Deluxe .270 Win die set $26,

New RCBS Carbide .44 Mag/Spl die set $40,

Used RCBS .223 Rem die set $25,

Hornady Headspace Gauge kit (reduced) $30,

RCBS Rangemaster 750 digital scale (reduced) $85,

Lyman case tools,

RCBS Chamfer/deburring tools,

All other items not listed have been spoken for. Thanks!

Also, looking for a Rem 700 SA one piece scope base with zero cant (0 MOA), if anyone interested in trades.