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Nov 23, 2007
S. W. Wisconsin

Brand spankin' new Leupold still sealed in the plastic wrap.

VX-III 8.5-25x50mm Long Range

30mm main tube

1/4 MOA target knobs

90 MOA adjustment range

Matte finish

Fine duplex

$895.00 plus $15.00 shipping priority mail in the lower 48.

US sales only.

Not looking for any trades, thanks.

Advertised elsewhere, so subject to prior sales.
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I have a couple of these in VX-III and mine only have 72 MOA of adjustment. The newer VX-3 just came out with the 94 MOA. Is your the VX-III or the recently released PN-66600 VX-3? What is the part number on the box?
OK, I'll try and clear things up.

I thought they had 90 some minutes of adjustments, so I went to their site to confirm and saw they stated 94, so that's what I went with.

After a little digging I found the 2004 catalog specs show 65 minutes. The 2005 and 2006 catalog shows 90 minutes. So the change occured late 04/early 05 to more adjustments. The VX-3's evidently changed, and do have the 94 minutes.

Mine's a later version just bought this past fall. No, it's not a 3. Part number is 55186. So I'd safely assume it has the 90 minutes of travel.

Are you buying or just busting balls?
Entirely possible, except my mistake was stating 94 originally when it's really only 90 minutes on tap. Hardly a deal breaker.

But then it's ok to not state the available minutes on tap when selling the same scope, but the earlier model with only 65 or 72 minutes available ???

You are correct, people need to know what they're getting......
Just trying to clear things up. I got smoked on a VX-II 6-18 and a VX-II 4-12. The 6-18 was a Vari-X II with friction dials and the 4-12 ended up being a gloss Vari-X IIc with friction dials. Niether of the guys I bought them from would take them back and I had to about give one of them away to get rid of it. The 4-12 ended up on my 10-22 as no one is going to give me anywhere near the $325 I paid for it.

I have the 2008 catalog in hand. PN: 55186 is 90 minutes. Same as mine. I was thinking mine only had 72. That must have been the 1" 8.5-25 I was thinking of. I stand corrected. Sorry about that. These are great scopes. Best Wishes.