SOLD/EXPIRED FS - Multiple actions and stocks

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    All prices include shipping in the U.S. Actions sent from me to your FFL holder (you provide current signed copy of FFL). Postal money order works best.

    Post an "I'll take it" and follow up with an email. [email protected] [email protected]

    Savage LA 110FP repeater, staggered feed - $350
    308 110FP Savage varmint weight barrel - $150
    SOLD!! BVSS long action stock - $175 SOLD!!

    Complete rifle (no stock/scope/rings/bases) = $450 shipped in the U.S.

    12x40 Leupold scope, duplex - $325

    Savage LA staggered feed, staggered feed, 3 screw trigger - $300
    Savage Varminter LA stock (Varminter stocks have wide forends - ride bags/rest rather well) - $150

    Savage 112J Single shot, long action - $350
    TimneyTrigger - $100
    Savage Varminter stock (repaired small crack in checkering area) Varminter stocks have wide forends - ride bags/rests rather well- $150


    bolt handle - $50
    SOLD!! Savage 112 Single shot, long action - $350 SOLD!!
    SOLD!! Rifle Basix Trigger - $100 SOLD!!

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