SOLD/EXPIRED FS Leupold 3.5-10x40 LR M3 mildot SOLD Pending funds

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    Feb 23, 2004
    FS Leupold Vari-X III Model #51850 3.5-10x40 LR M3 scope with mildot reticle, butler creek scope covers and box. The scope is in great shape with no ring marks as I always lap the rings but it does have a very small scuff on the bottom just infront of the power ring(see pic)It's not noticable at all and was made by my small level I use to level the rifle when mounting the scope. The scope has been used but not abused and taken very good care of.

    It comes with the following dials, a factory .308 175 and 168, a 30-06, a .223(which has a small scratch from a botched ingaving attemnpt but it's still usable) and two custom painted dials for a 175 at 2700fps and a 168 at 2655fps. I made those myself out of a factory 300WM and .308 dial. The paint can be stripped of very easily with Zip Strip if you wanted to use the 300WM dial. Price is $600 shipped. Thanks for looking.
    Here is the small scuff if you can see it [​IMG]

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