FS/FT LRI Barreled Action-300WSM-EVO Extractor Upgrade


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Sep 17, 2013
0ED7D864-B8B7-43CE-831E-0A6BC3555463.jpeg 99CB6E0A-7555-48DF-A6D4-9449CBF65F92.jpeg 65F937ED-7FD1-4017-9548-8B26EEC36A43.jpeg 3E018C56-B7BA-4B59-AEFC-5CB977B8EEC4.jpeg Up for sale is an almost new barreled action. All Smith work was done by Chad Dixon at LRI last fall. Action is a trued rem700 with pinned lug. Bolt handle was timed and tig welded on then threaded for oversized bolt knob. Also had him add his evo extractor to the bolt to eliminate the wsm/rem700 extraction issues.Chambered with SAAMI spec reamer. Barrel is one of his KP, 1-11 twist finished at 26” and threaded 5/8x24. I had him spiral flute to save weight. Barreled action weighs right at 6lbs according to my bathroom scale. Has right at 35 rounds down the tube. 34 for load development and 1 to kill a Bull at 600yds. Did not spend the time to do a full work up but I’m getting 3250fps out of a 180 elite Berger with RL-26. Accuracy was 1/2moa so I called it good, but I’m sure it’s capable of better. Total cost was a little over $2000, asking $1750. Picture is 3 shots at 100yds