FS/FT 260 Rem barrel work by WTO


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Aug 26, 2011
Really Only looking to trade as this is my favorite caliber and have no problem keeping it. I have 6 other rifles in this caliber.

Here are the specs.

Barreled action done by Clayton of West Texas Ordnance. It’s a Howa Action that has been worked over and has a Krieger or Bartlien 1-8” twist. I’ll have to go back and double check. Outside of the rare occasion I use a Shilen select match that’s all I use. I can’t recall the taper but I believe it’s a fast taper BR. Bolt has been helical fluted by LRI and tactical bolt knob. Also the BA has been cerakoted graphite black.

Stock is a bell and Carlson tan with black web varmint/tactical. Also has howa detachable mag system.

Trigger is a tuned howa. It’s nice but not a Jewell or Calvin Elite.

Round count is 460 but need to double check one other shooting log.

20 moa base

Glass is a 6-24x50 Sightron SIII FFP. Would consider parting with the glass but not inclined to. The glass is awesome tracking is spot on and it’s made in Japan. If You prefer I can swap for a LNIB Burris XTR II 5-25 MIL/MIL illuminated SCR. This would increase value by $400 to $2500.

The gun shoots .3’s at 100 all day. It has done better high teens to mid .2’s With 120 smk and 123 Nosler CC. Never tried hornady eld’s as they didn’t exist when I built the gun. I’ve taken it out to 1100 yds and made hits consistently.

I’ll include the ammo I have and load data. I may even be inclined to let go of the A2700 powder that it likes or load up some ammo for the right deal.

I haven’t shot It in 3 years and would like something new to play with.
As far as trades go right now this is what catches my attention.

• getting back into a 300 blk bolt gun
• 357 bolt or lever gun
• 223 bolt gun 1-8 twist or faster
• 28ga for quail hunting I do a lot of wing shooting these days
• 280 AI barreled action with sendero contour with a Remington foot print. I have a spare stock
• 9mm or 45 acp pistols
• Hell surprise me I’d like a new toy to load for.

$1600 for rifle minus rings and optic
$2100 with Sightron
$2500 with XTR II


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