SOLD/EXPIRED Fs/ft 22br rifle


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Jun 12, 2012
Looking to sell my 22BR rifle. Thought it would be nice to have 2 rifles in the same caliber but I have a craving for something in a 20 Practical.Rifle is in very good/excellent condition.

Rifle specs:

- Model 12 action trued by Fred at Sharp Shooter Supply
- Laminated BVSS stock
- Original fluted barrel w/1-9 twist (barrel was sent to Sharp Shooter Supply unfired and re chambered to 22BR) Less than 50 rounds fired.
- Aftermarket trigger (Believe it's a Sharp Shooter Supply)
- Pillar bedded
- New recoil lug
- Tactical bolt handle and knob
- SS follower (removable)

Price is $900 shipped to lower 48. Postal MO preferred. FFL must accept from a private individual.

Trades I would consider is a bolt gun or AR upper in 20 Practical.

Posted on other sites so sale goes by time stamp.