SOLD/EXPIRED FS- Dillon Rifle dies and caliber conversion sets for XL-650


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Jan 19, 2003
I was going through my cajillion boxes of Dillon pistol dies and caliber conversion kits when I came across some dies and conversion kits that I don't even remember buying :D

The XL-650 conversion kits are $75.00 new and I can't find the die sets on Dillon's site so I'm not sure if they backed away from selling rifle dies or what the deal is. The rifle dies that they have run $100 - $140. Either way I don't know what the new price is so I'll just wing a price.

The part numbers are what is on the boxes. Note that the 7mm die box still has the original seal on it.

The die sets are all 3 die sets that include:
(1) Full length size die, priming assembly with carbide expander
(1) Seat die, nut, seat stem with nut
(1) Crimp die nut
(1) Spare decap pin

The seater die says it has a stuck case remover too? Not sure what that's about as I have never loaded rifle ammo with my XL-650.

I have the following:

(1) (Unopened box) 7mm Rem 3 die set (Dillon number 21987)
(1) 650 Conversion for 7mm, 270 Wby, 7mm Wby (Dillon number 21438)


<B>(1) 30-30 3 die set (Dillon number 21989)


<C>(1) .270 Rem 3 die set (no number that I can see)
(1) 650 Conversion for .270 Win (Dillon Part Number 21093)

I can't break the caliber conversion kits from the dies. I won't ever use them and frankly if you don't have an XL-650 neither will you. I'm in no bind to sell this stuff but I don't need it either as I have everything I just listed in Forster die sets (I should look in the drawer before I buy new dies from now on). Hopefully the price will be attractive and someone will get some use out of the dies. Dillon's quality is first rate.

Shipping is going to be around $10.00 or so. Buyer pays shipping.

<A> $80.00 plus shipping
<B> $60.00 plus shipping
<C> $80.00 plus shipping

Note: These dies are not specific to the XL-650 press. They use a common thread and can be used with the presses that I am familiar with.

I have a Dillon 550 conversion kit for .44 SPL/Mag/Colt that I'll sell for $10 plus shipping (probably be a lot less than the dies). I have no idea where it came from. Some close-out sale no doubt.
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