SOLD/EXPIRED FS:Custom Tactical Rem700 6.5-284 New,Unfired.

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    Dec 25, 2001
    This rifle was built by Mike Bryant owner of Precision benchrest in Wheeler Texas..You can visit his site and view his work at...

    I sent the action in for this rifle about 8 months ago and I now must sell it due to personal reasons..The rifle is new unfired...All metal on this rifle is finished in OD-Green by Birdsong.

    6.5-284(.290 Neck)

    Remington700,BDL,Long action.
    Benchrest trued.
    Bolt fluted(except for where it contacts shells in mag).
    Tubb recoil lug(Pinned)
    Tubb firing pin assy.
    Jewell HVR Trigger W/Bolt release & Safety(1lbs)
    Badger Ordnance Tactical bolt knob.
    Night Force 2 piece 20 MOA bases finished in OD-Green.

    Krieger 28",#17 contour stainless Steel 8.5 Twist barrel.
    8 flutes.
    Vais Arms muzzle brake.
    Barreled action bead blasted,All metal finished in OD-Green by Birdsong.

    McMillan A3-Tactical mold in camo stock,60% Olive,20% Tan,20% Black....
    Integral cheek piece.
    Pachamayer recoil pad.
    Pillar bedded.

    100-Sierra 142 match BTHP's
    50 New Lapua brass(already neck turned)
    Redding competition Bullet seating die.
    Redding Type S-Bushing neck sizeing die.

    This rifle is"MINT"....$2800.00 Shipped to lower 48....

    Landon M.

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