SOLD/EXPIRED FS: Custom and Semi-Custom rifles

Discussion in 'Sold/Expired' started by Totoro, Sep 25, 2003.

  1. Totoro

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    Aug 9, 2002
    Okay folks, got some rifles I need to sell off due to financial situation. Pics upon request for serious inquires.

    Sisk Whitetail Hunter right hand
    300 Weatherby
    Rem700 action
    McMillan stock with black finish
    13.5" LOP with Pachmyer Decelerator
    26" Hart #4 barrel
    Tuned factory trigger
    Teflon finish on all metal surfaces
    Recently returned from Charlie for a minor adjustment on bolt release
    Round count at 37 not including break in
    Rifle has not seen any field use @ +98%
    Typical overall fit and finish from Charlie
    Listed at 2750.00 plus shipping

    Jarrett Rifles Series Rifle right hand
    Ultimate Hunter #50
    338 Win Mag
    Rem700 action with M70 mag release Obendorf bottom metal
    24" Schneider barrel with small ding in crown
    McMillan stock with checkpiece with coarse textured finish
    13.5" LOP with Pachmeyer Decelerator
    Rifle was built circa John Lewis-era
    Teflon finish on all metal surfaces
    Rife is in 95-98% condition
    Listed at 2500.00 plus shipping

    Winchester Custom Shop Sporting Sharpshooter right hand
    300 Win Mag
    New generation Pre-64 CRF action blued
    26" Schneider barrel polished
    McMillan stock with grey finish medium coarse finish
    13.5" LOP with Pachmyer Decelerator pad
    Round count at 85 rounds at +98% overall condition
    Discontinued model from Custom Shop
    Listed at 2000.00 plus shipping

    Thanks for looking