For Sale FS Custom 6x47 Lapua Switch Barrel


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Nov 23, 2007
S. W. Wisconsin

My custom 6x47 Lapua switch barrel gun, better known as the "Ultimate Coyote Whacker".

Built on a right hand Melanited Bat VR short action.

Integral recoil lug, integral picatinny rail, fluted bolt, side bolt release, & small tactical handle.

Barrel #1 is a Rock Creek 5R #3, 22" long, 8" twist, 1.200" shank, and .650" muzzle diameter.

Chambered in a .269" necked 6x47 Lapua. A little over 300 rounds on this barrel.

Barrel #2 is a 21.5" Shilen # 3 six groove 14" twist, 1.200 shank, and .685" muzzle diameter.

This one is chambered with the same reamer as barrel #1. Test fired only.

Stock is a McMillan Classic, with Edge fill, sans paint, for the carbon fiber look.

Two sling studs, & two flush cups on the left side.

Standard 13.5" length of pull, with a 1" Decelerator pad.

Stock is bedded to this gun & weighs 25.5 ounces.

Standard 700 BDL floorplate, magazine box, spring, & follower.

Trigger is a Jewell HVR, with top right safety.

Replacement value is well north of 4 grand, even more so with today's shipping costs and taxes added in.

Price is $2995.00 shipped to your FFL, who must accept from a private individual, no exceptions.

Barreled action will be sent to the FFL, all other parts sent directly to the buyer.

Payment by USPS money order preferred, other options considered.

Absolutely no trades, unless you have a Bartlein carbon wrapped 6mm barrel, 7"-8" twist, 22" finish length for partial trade fodder.


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Nov 23, 2007
S. W. Wisconsin
I've had some questions on switching barrels.....

All you need is a barrel vise and an action wrench.

With the integral recoil lug on the Bat action, there's no need for a lug alignment tool.

There's no need for a go/no go gauge, either barrel will headspace just fine.

No need for a torque wrench, you don't need 100 ft lbs on a barrel, it ain't coming off accidentally.

Screw the barrel on by hand till it butts up to the action. For an experiment, with properly fitted barrels, once the barrel touches the action, take the barrel in one hand, action in the other, reverse both hands about a half turn each, then "snap" them together. Chances are you cannot unscrew the barrel w/o putting it in the vice & using the wrench.

I generally just screw the barrel on till it snugs up, stick it in the vice, tighten it down, install the wrench, and just lean on it a bit......done.

Using a wrench that goes in the port, to loosen, I hit the wrench lightly with the palm of my hand, if it doesn't come loose the first hit, a slightly harder second hit pops it loose.

Threads always need to be clean and greased.

So easy a caveman can do it.......don't be scared.....

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