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Aug 23, 2010
CLEARANCE! In the course of business we sometimes get returns from our customers, even on such brand as Bushnell. These units often come back with the box open, but most if not all parts, manuals and packaging still intact. We can not ship these Bushnell scopes and sights as new, but we do have to clear them out. These are sold on the first come first serve basis. You can place the order by emailing us at [email protected] and copy the product name and price into the subject line. Put the name of the forum in the parentheses for our reference. Please include your address if you want us to quote you shipping time and cost. You will receive an email back with an estimate (if the unit is still available) or notification that it has been sold. If you approve, we will email you a PayPal payment request that you can pay securely in the privacy of your own home. Alternatively, you can always call in your order and check on availability.

For Sale: [FONT=&quot]BUSHNELL Trophy 1x28 Red Dot Sight w/Rings, 4 Dial-In Red/Green Electronic Reticle (730135). [/FONT]Open Box Return. Best Price.

Our Price: $80 + shipping

The BUSHNELL Trophy 1x28 Red Dot Sight w/Rings, 4 Dial-In Red/Green Electronic Reticle (730135) is a versatile sight offering unlimited eye relief for handguns and shotguns with choice of dial-in red/green electronic crosshairs.

Engineered with Amber-Bright high contrast lens coating that quickly helps you distinguish between a brown tree and a brown critter, the Trophy red dot sight has been heralded by hunters as the ideal sight for the autumn deer woods.

With multi-coated optics for increased brightness in low-light conditions, the avid inner hunter in you will be most satisfied. No question about it, this red dot sight is designed to excel during the day's most important times.

This red dot sight features the 11 position rheostat that can be adjusted to match the brightness level of the reticle against ambient lighting conditions. Use the green dot for low light, red dot for bright light applicaitons.

The Trophy 1x28 Red Dot Sight w/Rings is dry-nitrogen filled and 100% waterproof, fogproof and shockproof.

If you want a brand new scope, just follow the link above. The pricing reflected on the site will be different. Interested in a different scope by Bushnell – drop us a note. We will not be undersold.