SOLD/EXPIRED FS - Blueprinted Rem 600 action & sleeve

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    Mar 6, 2009
    Remington Model 600 action, RH, blue, converted to single shot, Davidson aluminum loading ramp epoxied in magazine slot and magazine cut filled with Duro-Steel epoxy.

    Has original bolt, w/ PPC bolt face, (easily & inexpensively opened to 308 face by your project build smith original extractor converted to Sako style, and Rem. 40X bolt handle added. Bolt lugs, bolt face, and action-face trued. Threads check'd OK, but have your smith verify. All work performed by Fred Sinclair.

    Included is a 7" aluminum 7075 T-6 action sleeve, flat bottom, round top, drilled & tapped for scope bases and front guard screw. Sleeve profile very similar to Stolle Panda profile. Action should be able to accept a trigger hanger with a slight modification, if desired. Jewell trigger will fit as-is.

    The sleeve has NOT been epoxied to the action yet, so any action work or barrel fitting will be easy. Can be used as a glue-in or pillar bedded with screws. The sleeve increases bedding area, rigidity and provides a wider more stable bridge for scope mounting.

    $625 + sh & ins., to your FFL. Trades considered. Stock in last pic is not included.

    Email [email protected] for prompt reply

    Pics are here: Click on link.
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