SOLD/EXPIRED FS Ammunition, bullets, 224, 22-250, 243, 308 (IN)

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    Dec 27, 2003
    1000 rounds PMC Bronze 223 55 gr fmj ammunition $300.00 FTF

    3 boxes (20 rds/box) Remington 22-250 55 gr PSP #R22501 $12.00/box FTF

    2 boxes (20 rds/box) Hornady 22-250 55 gr V-Max #8337 $13.00/box FTF

    5 boxes (20 rds/box) Remington 308 180 gr PP $13.00/ box FTF

    5 boxes (20 rds/box) Remington 243 100 gr PP $13.00/ box FTF

    1 sealed factory box (2000) Remington bullets .224 dia 55gr fmj $190.00 FTF

    Cash is preferred transaction

    Trades considered - Cash +/- depending on trade

    Ruger LCP + Crimson Trace
    Browning Buckmark 22 lr slabside 6"
    Leupold M8 12xAO fine crosshair, prefer matte
    Colt Officers 45 acp
    Browning Hi Power 9mm
    Remington 700 SA rifles no SPS
    Sako 222 or 223
    Nosler 6mm BT 70gr possibly Sierra
    Nosler 223 BT 50 gr possibly Sierra
    Quality mid to small/mid backpack similar to Maxpedition.


    You see what I have and what I am looking for, if you have something that you think may be of interest, pass it along.

    I don't do mil surplus, parts or AK items

    No Savages or Mossbergs

    Don't waste your time with lowball offers. I will not respond

    I'm not desperate to sell these items. I will have tables at the next few shows and will sell these items there.