SOLD/EXPIRED FS –Precision Reloading Measuring Tools

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    Mar 6, 2009
    *SPF* FS –Precision Reloading Measuring Tools

    *SPF* For Sale – Precision Reloading Measuring Tools

    *SPF* #1- Starrett 797B 6”/ 150mm Digital Caliper, New in Factory Sealed Box, with output, IpP65 protection against coolant, water, dirt and dust, includes battery, .0005 resolution, $120 + Sh. OBO.

    *SPF* #2- Fowler Tubing Micrometer, with wrench & factory plastic case, reads to .0001”. Case has crack, micrometer is mint. Great for measuring case necks & bullet jackets. $85 + Sh.

    Email [email protected] direct for prompt reply.

    Postal MO or PayPal + 4%.

    pics are here:

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