Frustrated with reloading supplies


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Dec 9, 2008
Anyone else still having problems finding reloading components? Where do you guys buy your supplies from? Out here in Oregon I am starting to see some bullets from the major manufactures. However, they are still selling out, If you are not there on day one the powder is gone. I have not seen a canister of H1000 in over a year. Any idea on where to get some?
No problems in Ohio either just picked up a 1000 cci L MAG primers at Bass Pro was suprised they even had a decent supply of powder and bullets.:rolleyes:
Cabelas and the local shops over here have powder but they've been out of primers in all makes/sizes for awhile.
I just found a thousand CCI 250's @ a local shop but had to pay $12 more than I should have.

Good luck!
But your going to pay for the supplies. Like 215M primers-$100.00, 215 primers-$60.00
Of this is at the small gun shops, places like cabelas and sportsmans warehouse still don't have any primers.
Probably about the time Obama screws everything else up then he will start working on gun ownership and ammo and reloading supplies.
But give that one place a call that I sent you in the PM
But just start looking at the internet, after all Al Gore created it for all of us to use and abuse.
Still buying most of my supplies on the internet and have noticed that there is a pretty good selection of powders and bullets. Primers are still pretty tough to find and most of the good brass. I just bought six boxes of .308 200 gr. Accubonds for $25.77 per box which isn't too bad. Theres a shop in my area that sells them for $38.99 per box. I couldn't believe that, I haven't spent a dime in that shop in a long time and probably wont. I have had 308 Win Nosler brass on backorder for six months with no luck still. I did just pick up four boxes of Nosler 300 RUM brass though. It's hit and miss.
Here in Portland Oregon it sucks so bad. The old sportsmans warehouse, now wholesale sports has ok prices but rarely has a good choice of bullets. little supply of brass for over 6 months, no primers in over a year...if any come in they are snapped up in hours. Powder supply is a joke. I did find some popular powders down at fisherman marine..for 29.00 a lb. ouch. Wholesale tends to blame the war for the shortages, but that's getting to be a tired excuse with me. Most of the rest of the nation isn't in dire straits like us here. Things in this state have been going downhill for a long time. Might as well rename it to California II.. lol. Its a liberals wet dream and a conservatives worst nightmare!
Another shop just north of where I live just got some 1 lb bottles of Retumbo in. $34.99 a lb. I refuse to buy from those types of shops. It seems that they are taking advantage of the situation.
Between the 4 local stores that seriously carry reloading supplies around Bozeman, you can get just about any powder you want, brass too. Some bullets are hard to come by sometimes, but there is such a big variaty of bullets, it's impossible to stock them all. You can usually get what you want online. Primers are still very scarce though. When they occasionally show up, they never last long.

we have supplies here in idaho

You have good supplies of primers?
You guys want some icing for this cake we're all having to eat?
Pull out a Cabela's Master catalog (If you save the hardcovers like i do) from around 2005 and compare the reloading supply prices between then & now. It'll make you PUKE!

I know the cost of materials yadah-yadah...Couple examples.....RCBS hand primer tool. $28.99 to $54.99. RCBS Supreme Reloading kit. $252.99 to $329.99. Not to pick on RCBS as you see it among all the major MFG's but I'll tell you what...this little comparison makes Lee Reloading look better and better. Not much changing with them! lightbulb

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