Front rest for kneeling

Don A Parsons

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Aug 12, 2016
Some Where in America
Jim Shocky trigger biy or tir Pod,,, light,,, quick,,, fast and frugal...

Deploy the legs,,, pull the trigger release on the sticks,,, point and shoot critter...

Life is just that simple...

Cheers from the North


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Mar 23, 2014
I agree that the kneeling position is in itself a field position that provides excellent stability. Beyond that if you intend to deploy any type of device then you have moved into different territory with different constraints and advantages. Time is the greatest constraint followed closely by “packability”. I carry a home crafted set of shooting sticks. They have a light weight 3rd leg made of a round fiberglass stake that can be deployed quickly or left in place depending on the time available. None of the commercial offerings available that I am aware of allow the use of 2 or 3 legs conveniently.
All said, at 500 yds., a high kneeling shooting position, should offer plenty of stability in order to make a high percentage kill shot. Especially, with the aid of high powered optics. It's tough passing up game, but it happens. Better prep, for next time, to fill that tag!


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Jan 24, 2015
Hey all. Ive been looking for a while at tripods fitted with a hog saddle and just cant seem to justify that expense.

On a recent deer hunt i was in fields that were still standing. My bipod and rear bad were obviously to short and when a 500yd shot presented itself i had to let it walk as i couldnt keep steady in any other position.

I started thinking about a bogpod type bipod to lay the front on and elbow on knee for bone support for the rear.

What do you guys use for this type of situation that doesnt cost $1000+
I spent a little time during the off season last year practicing practical shots much like your describing. getting prone just isn't an option many times. two things worked pretty well for me. one is i built two sets of tall folding shooting sticks and tied them together at the bottom so when unfolded it forms a cradle. works good. the second is a set of tall shooting sticks up front that i made out of old ski poles leaving the sharp points on the bottom to bite in the ground, then pack an old arrow for the rear and rest the rifle butt on your fist gripping the arrow.

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