From .532 to .404 bolt head

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Nov 15, 2001

I'm searching for used Remington 700 long/magnum action for my new project, it will be a 338 Tomahawk. (The brass is .404 Jeffery)
If the bolt head has .532, can the gunsmith expand it to .404? or it is better off replacing the bolt head to .404?

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404 bolt face is vey close to 300 HH mag face family ( the most popular bolt face in Mag case ) so open 300 HH bolt face family to 404 family ( 300 ULTR Aand other base on ) required no steel cutting to just a most amount , generaly I do that when I square the bolt face ( very important to get a perfect square bolt face )

a put a ZEDIKER/TUBBS Sako clone extractor , Rem ext is not a mecanical dream

If you want to make more cosmetic works start with a 30.06 bolt face by this way you can cut more steel and get some time look nice .

good shooting

just make a little mistake by answering without reading all your post

404 is full rim dia
300 ULTRA is a rebatted rim

so you need to open the bolt face of you std mag action but the fact to install a SAKO extractor stay a good way to solve the rem extractor problem

actually except to want to use the very costly RWS brass and more esay to find , that more easy ( case avaibility ) and less costly ( REM brass and perhaps other soon ) to use wilcat base on 300 ULTRA brass

I think that a Sako extractor well fit on a 404 bolt face can extract both 404 and 300 ULTRA CASE without any change .


Are you going to be using RUM brass or true 404 brass for the Tomahawk?

If you use RUM (which you probably should) you don't hve to alter the bolt face at all.


I agreed with you that the bolt face should be cut from .532 to .404. Yes, I'd recommend to add a Sako extractor to Rem bolt action.


Really? If I'm using RUM brass, I don't have to alter the bolt face. Will it fit nicely into .532 bolt face? I thought it needs to be cutted and open to .404. Is this correct?

If Lapua or Norma create new 404 brass, I'll order them right away therefore would it be a problem with the standard magnum bolt face?

No UltraMag based on a rebated 404 Jeff case. It has the same diam as a 300 win mag, 7 rem mag etc. It's just a matter of rebarrelling or rechambering and having the rails opened (if a repeater) so it can feed. This is the route I would go. Remington made the diam the same as any other magnum to save from retooling and redesigning the 700.

If you go with a 338/404 Jeff Imp, you will have to buy 404 brass and have the work done to the bolt,and go with Bell brass (I'm not sure who else makes it).

Hope this helps.

with now the very good availbility of 300 ULTRA case ( even if REM case are not RWS quality ) I think that for my own use I never built a new wilcat base on 404 case .

a wilcat in 338 cal base on 300 ULTRA can easy duplicate the 338/404 without need of :

alter the bolt face ( excpet for SAKO extractor wihch is a must a custom rifle after to have square the bolt face and lugs )

costly reloading tool a Redding S die in 300 ULTRA open in 338 with a bushing in 338 work fine , body die can be made by the same way .

you can sort your cases because REM case are available by bulk quantity

you doesn't cry when your favorite hot load destroy case after only two reload , rather to burn 1.5$ r more in each 404 case without the count of forming work.

good shooting and enjoy easy way .

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