Fresh Load of Bell & Carlson Medalists Arrives


Apr 7, 2009
Palm Beach, FL
Long awaited inventory shipment of many popular Medalists is being checked in as we speak. Came in a couple weeks earlier than scheduled actually.

Get them while they are hot, they sell out quickly. It's a big order so it'll take us a couple hours to get them sorted out so keep checking back.

There's sporters, adjustables and fixed varmint/tacticals that are/will be showing available. There's more on the way also so if you don't see it don't lose hope, call.

If you have one that arrived on backorder, it'll ship today or tomorrow, we already have many packed ready to ship. Those backorders go out before new availability shows up on the site's real-time inventory listings. This is automatic and you'll get an email the instant the UPS label is printed with tracking.

If you are thinking about getting one and it has not arrived yet please email for availability, I ordered stock last fall on literally every Medalist they make. This would be the time to do it and even if it's not on this shipment there's even more due in any day!

Here's the quick-links:

Carbelite Rifle
Carbelite Shotgun
Medalist Sporters
Premier Thumbhole
Ruger 10/22
Savage DuraMaxx
Special Order Options
Ultra-Lite Riflestocks



Please use email for best service [email protected]
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