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Jul 24, 2019
Will be heading out to the mountains for a couple of back-country hunts in the coming months.. For my meals I use either Mountain House or Backpackers Pantry. Anyone use other brands that tastes great? Looking for suggestions on what others like in the backwoods for meals.
If you're into holistic feel good hippie food, check out Good To-Go. I liked the Thai noodles (pad thai) and wouldn't mind trying their others. Mexican quinoa, clam chowda, thai curry and some others. Spice, spice, spice... makes the meal more interesting, than oatmeal.
Morning food on my trips is usually instant oatmeal with some home dried berries, apricots, cherries, or prunes (don't want to be bunged up on a pack trip) thrown in. Pour boiling water in a large cup, add berries, stir for a minute and add oatmeal. Sometimes we also add wheat germ or granola Use what is left of the hot water to make a large hot drink. Dehydration is sneaky and easy to fall for when backpacking. If you are lucky, and in a group so someone can carry an ultralight frying pan, powdered eggs and skim milk makes a nice omelet and mixes can be put together at home where water can be added to make pancakes or bannock. Lunches are normally eaten out of a bag. Gorp, made up of favourite selections at a bulk food isle and/or power bars is a staple, but leave out chocolate or anything else that can melt in the heat or break your teeth when it's frozen. Suppers can be the Mountain House type stuff or home built. Some powdered soups are excellent and an easy source of bulk with rice or noodles added, and packets of spice are light. Just make sure it's filling because keeping your energy up is essential on a pack trip. Finally, after the evening meal, an English Breakfast tea bag steeped in some hot water with an ounce and a half of Fireball Whisky added makes a great muscle relaxant.
So Kraft Deluxe Mac n Cheese with a packet of Arby's sauce (eat after dark, you won't like the color) or Taco Bell's Fire sauce (OK to eat in the light) aren't the suggestions that you're looking for?

Ever tried real MRE's? I'm easy to please but I know that not everyone will eat them by choice. To me, food is fuel in those situations. No Grey Poupon for me. I carry a couple MRE's for emergencies in every vehicle.
All looks like solid option.. looks like im going to have variety this year!! Thank you all for the suggestions. Looks like i need to plan out more hunts so i can have the opportunity to try your suggestions.:D
I have been interested to try this but haven't signed up yet. Check it out! It seems like an efficient way to try out different options, and stockpile some for hunting season! Check out the rich outdoors online for a promo code.
I personally have had good luck with Mountain House, Instant oatmeal, dried fruit, trail mix, Honey Stinger wafers, Clif bars, Mt. Ops, Wilderness Athlete, gummy bears, Protein granola bars, Peanut butter/honey tortilla wraps, etc.

On the other end of things I have discovered wet wipes are quiet handy to pair with my TP ;)

Happy Hunting!
+1 on Peak Refuel. Best tasting I've had and healthier for you.
Strawberry granola, breakfast skillet, beef pasta marinara and chicken alfredo are awesome. They have some new ones now like beef stroganoff and chicken pesto pasta that I plan on trying.
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