foxpro sounds

Im buying a foxpro fury this week and just thought I would get some ideas on what sound to get. I will be hunting cougar coyote bear mostly elk just for pic. So any sound you have had good luck with I would appreciate it.Thanks

First look at your state regulations as to what game is legal to use a electronic caller on.

Then have fox pro e-mail you a complete list of sounds that they offer And they can recomend
some of the most popular ones.

And have them group them in the order of use , (All of the predator calls in order,then the
next animal all grouped together to make it easier to switch back and forth.

I have the FX3 and it is set up this way and it really works when you mix up the calls.

Make sure you get as many of the MarkII sounds as you can.... Most everything in their library is quality sounds that will call critters... I am partial to the Scrubhare distress :)
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