**FOUND** Still needinf following thread double barrel

Packrat 6

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May 1, 2014
I noticed my post (the following post) has been read a lot, but no replies have been posted. I took what I had up to Washington state for the last 3 weeks and we took the shotgun out to the range and had a blast, but only firing the right barrel. My grandson was thrilled with the shotgun and understood that sooner or later would be sending him a new or rebuilt barrel when one became available.

Am still looking for a Stevens -Savage-Fox Model 311 double barrel for this shotgun so if anyone has any ideas, would appreciate the lead. Have been checking the gun parts suppliers periodically, but nothing so far. Local pawnshops, gun stores still have only junk.

Guess I should have picked a newer model shotgun for a gift.

Anyway, thanks for viewing the previous post.