**FOUND** Double barrel for Stevens/Savage , Fox, Springfield Model 311 H (1956)

Packrat 6

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May 1, 2014
I have been building my soon to be 16 year old grandson a Stevens Savage Model 311 12 GA for his birthday so when we go shooting, we don't have to share my shotgun. He absolutely loves a friend's Stevens model 311 Double barrel, so thought I'd build him one of his own. Been working on it for months, a almost new receiver here, a butt stock there, refinish stocks, etc. Wanted to give him something with a little history, plus I enjoy doing it.

Only thing left is the barrel and the only barrel I have has the left bore pitted so bad that it's unusable. Most of the 311's I found in pawnshops and gun stores weren't worth the money they wanted for them and some were absolutely sad. Didn't realize barrel was going to be such a problem

Checked all the common and lots of uncommon places and gun parts sites and found lots of 20's, and 16's, but no 12 Gauge barrels. Gun Parts Corp. has been out for over a year.

Exterior can be a little bit rough, as I can re-blue it if necessary, but need a clean bore.

Anyone got an old broken 311 with a good barrel and wants some greenbacks in trade? I only need the barrel, you could part out the rest and from what I seeing, make more money than selling the whole shotgun.

I have also this posted in Free Ads, For sale-Other. Fairly new to site didn't know about Shotgun section. Still kind of stumbling around.