Found a great reduced load for the 7-08

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    Dec 12, 2005
    My friend wanted to get his young son a rifle. He is about to take the hunter safety course. He will hunt big game next year.

    He found a 243 LH youth model and asked me some questions about it that night. He went back the next day to buy it and it was gone.

    When he was there the second time he discovered they had the same rifle, a Savage youth model with nikon scope in 7-08. I told him to grab it before it disappeared too and don't worry we would find a reduced load.

    His son has only shot a 22 RF figured it might be smart on our part to ease him into a rifle with some recoil.

    Chose the 120 nos bt and SR 4756. I figured that we would have him shoot 50 rounds of a very light recoiling load then begin to work up to more power for hunting.

    My older Speer book didn't list 7-08 but did list a reduced load with SR 4756 for the 7 x 57. I figured on just choosing a mid range powder charge and if it shot an inch or so at 50 yds it would be all we would need to get him some trigger time. Little did I know......

    I chose to use 22 grs and simply seated the bullet .010" off rifling. Was stunned to have this load shoot 1/2" groups at 100 yds. Also stunned to find the velocity was 2175 fps! I have never just thrown a load together always worked up charge weights. This was a pleasant surprise.

    We will use this load for his first hunt for Javelina. I think it will work for our coues wt for moderate distances too.