Found a good one for my .300 win mag

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    Jul 29, 2010
    Ok just got back from the range.

    This is out of my 28" Krieger #10

    79 GR of h1000 behind a 208 GR Amax using CCI #200 Large rifle primer. Bullet seated .010 off the lands

    Velocities 2863, 2867, 2862 with one weird 2900 I think I had a powder grain under the plate of my dig scale and got a heavy charge in there?

    Using Horn brass fire formed in this chamber. Using a Lee neck sizer and measuring powder to the .1 grain.

    Got .7 MOA from a five shot group which strung up and down, the group measured .2 MOA from side to side.

    I think I have some issue with neck tension my case media leaves a powder residue inside the case. I am switching to plain corn cob media. I also plan to experiment with seating depth and Federal magnum primers and see what happens to the velocities and group sizes. But I am really happy with this.