forward cant base or not????


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Sep 23, 2003
I am about to do an order for a customer for a badger ordinance 20 moa forward cant base, 30 mm rings and a Leupold scope. He has a remington .308 heavy barrel varmint rifle. My question is; does he need the forward cant base on the remington with a Leupold #54560? I use a straight base on my M14 and a similar scope and it doesn't quite have the elevation for 1000 yards but my scope is an old simmons that has been good to me and I don't have the heart to retire it. Simmons and leupold are totaly different. Plus he's not gonna be mounted quite as high as mine. My scope and bore are 2.5 inches away center to center. He should be roughly 2 inches. We are planning on the 20 moa base but if anyone has a similar setup with a straight base and can confirm it will work to 1000 yards please let me know. Thanks.
Oh he uses 168 and 175 grain bullets and doesn't have any trouble reliably reaching 1000 yards. We're just concerned about the scope base.

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Dan, I have the same setup on a .308 with the 20 moa cant. I thought it's better to have it and not need it, than vise versa.
Plus, it centers the scope on the action very nicely.

If he is going to be shooting any distance at all beyond a few hundred yards, get it. He will be glad he did, it can only help..sakofan..
The reason for 20 moa and even 30 moa bases is that certain scopes were not designed with sufficient travel in former times to allow for shooting at very long range.

This was essentially a stop gap measure to all scopes to move from shooting at ranges from 100 to 800 yards to say 600 to 1200 yards.

Most modern scopes allow sufficient erector travel to all shooting in excess of 1000 yards. (A practical limit.) without special bases.

In my opinion, if you buy a scope that has more than 40 or so MOA of elevation, you shouldn't have a problem with most conventional calibers.

Check your ballistics tables for your round and see. This was a issue of particular interest with the old design Unertl 10x M40 scopes.

That scope has 70+ MOA of internal elevation. With a flat base, the 100y zero will likely be a bit above halfway, which will leave the shooter something less than 35 MOA of elevation.

That's barely enough to get to 1,000y at sea level shooting .308 loads w/SMK 175 going 2,700 fps at the muzzle.

If the scope has a mil-dot reticle (I forgot to check that when I searched on the part number), then the shooter can easily adapt the mil-dots for holdover once the elevation runs out.

But ideally, to put more shots in the center of the scope's adjustment range, a tapered base would be good. The scope has a 50mm objective, so take that into account when selecting rings. Don't get them too high though, because you want the lowest scope to bore height practical (i.e. that allows lens covers to be installed, but that's about it).
I have a 0MOA Farrell base on a 308 with a Leupold 3x9x40 Tactical, I can get to 830 yards and then I run out of elevation. This is the rifle issued to me by the PD where I work. When I built my own 308 this spring I went with the 20MOA base so that I could get to 1000. I would go with the 20MOA to make sure that 1000 yards is possible.

I went for the 20moa Base after hearing about guys not reaching to 1K. You probably have the rings selected but I needed the Medium rings for my 4.5-14LR. Also tried their Med High version. Those were too tall.
Sounds like the 20moa Base will work.


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Thanks for all the replies everyone. I appreciate it. I guess we did make the right choice. The rings we got are gonna be close but I think they will fit. If they don't he has another rifle they will work on and I can just order the next higher ones. I think they will be ok though.
Thanks again.
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