Former Roseburg Land in Ca Closing to Public


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Nov 27, 2015
Living in Northern California my entire life, the
A friend of mine was hunting turkey today on former Roseburg land above Oak Run, East of Redding. All California lands (170k Acres) owned by Roseburg were recently sold to "New Forests" of Austrailia which owns "LandVest". My friend was stopped by the California Operations Manager Jim Henson. Mr Henson told my friend that permission had to be obtained from him prior to hunting in an area that has any operation anywhere in the area. Mr Henson further stated that in the near future all access to LandVest properties would be forbidden. Thats right, 170k acres completely off limits. Roseburg enacted the no vehicle policy about ten years ago and this greatly reduced problems they had with illegal dumping and off road damage. However they still allowed hunting/hiking/fishing by any non motorized means. Using a mountain bike to access the area is my preferred method. This is going to be a very big deal in Shasta, Lassen, Plumas,Trinity, Siskiyou counties to name a few......Plus I just got a return email from a former Roseburg employee now a Landvest employee. He confirms: Any company activity in the area will result in closure of that area. All land likely to be closed to public access in the near future. Landvest employees will now have their own 170,000 acre hunting preserve.....

My kids and I always brought out random trash left along the roads and many many people like us never caused any problems. In fact the people going in by bicycle were the least of their worries. My grandfather and my father took me hunting there. When my kids were old enough to hunt, we bicycled in to hunt or fish. 4 generations of my family have fished and hunted there and there are many many families that have similar stories. Truly disheartening.


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Dec 25, 2016
SE Idaho
Yep....its going on everywhere....
Thanks to you people packing in refriges on bicycles and dumping them allover..;)....
Visiting the coast and hearing more stories.....of land closures.....and nothing being said by the OHA....
And yes......BLM is allowing a logging company to take command of BLM roads and close public a level 1...that means no access because level 1 is a fart in the wind.....:eek:....


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