SOLD/EXPIRED FOR SALE Remington 700 .458


Dec 13, 2009
Remington 700 .458 Win. Mag, Grade C "Custom Shop" rifle. Mfg. March 1983 from barrel code date. Grade C rifles had choice of Hi-gloss or satin finish on the wood. This is the satin finish with the rosewood tip. Gloss blue on the metal.

99.9% Metal, 100% wood, No box, Bore is mirror perfect. There is one small lighter spot on the top of the bolt handle between the knob and the bolt itself. Not scratched, more of a rub mark.


Asking $1200.00 plus Ship/Ins. to your FFL

Please e-mail me at [email protected]

for more pics or questions. Thanks, Tom Vogt
I didn't want to bump this because a Gentleman was going to fly in and look at it. After talking to him today, the rifle is still for sale.

Thanks, Tom