For sale: MagnetoSpeed V3


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May 5, 2009
I have a like new chronograph, the MagnetoSpeed V3. This is the big, more features version. I bought it here (like new) and since getting it, have decided not to keep it. I'm just not smart enough to use it! LOL. It's not that complicated. The advantages: you get true muzzle velocities, don't have to stop the shooting line to install it (like you do with the wired kind), is really easy and quick to set up, does not require the sun to cast shadows, doesn't require a tripod. With "old" style chronos your distance needs to be aprox. 10 feet away from muzzle. Do you take a measuring "stick" each time or just step it off? Not accurate! And it's not muzzle velocity! Especially if you reload, whether hot loads or not, you need accurate vel. numbers. Re-testing at differing temps also needs accuracy and you can't get it with those chronos sitting at differing distances, bullets going through at differing heights,etc.! They are not that accurate. This is accurate.
I know it is going for $380. on some sites. I want $320. shipped to CONUS.


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