SOLD/EXPIRED For sale is a NEW IN SPRINGFIELD BOX M1A Loaded package.


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Apr 5, 2008
Central ND
Sorry to make a concern but don't believe everything the post office says they will do. I sold a scope six months back for $950 to someone here shipped and insured. USPS damaged the package and sent the guy $175 less than it was insured($950) for and they said you are lucky you got that. Postal money order and they said it was shipped adequately and marked fragile. We proved a new scope value is $1350(IOR) but no dice. I contacted the Att. General consumer fraud div. and they won't touch it at all. Quite awhile ago I offered to pay the $175 because I felt bad for the guy and I am used to getting taken advantage of by the government. Funny I don't rate our government post office much higher than the guy who is trying to rip off people in my mind they did the exact same thing. To many people with the god mentality.

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