FOR SALE: Cooper M54 Jackson Hunter 7MM/08


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Dec 28, 2007
Billings, MT
I am selling a near mint condition Cooper M54 Jackson Hunter 7MM/08. This rifle was built by Cooper in 2013. It has a 22 inch stainless steel barrel. According to Cooper, "it has the Jackson Hunter stock, fiberglass based reinforced with Kevlar surrounded by an aluminum bedding block". The rifle has fired exactly 40 rounds of Nosler Trophy Grade ammo with 140 grain Accu Bonds which it always shot under an inch. I did no load development. Notice I included a photo of the serial number so that anybody who desires can contact Cooper and confirm my information. I need $1,600 shipped and insured. It comes with one magazine and I will also include the Warne bases so you don’t have to buy a set from Cooper.


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