SOLD/EXPIRED For Sale: .338 Edge


Nov 2, 2006
This hurts alot to sell this, its a real sweetheart of a long range gun built by Shawn Carlock of Defensive Edge. I am selling this gun to finance a business venture and plan on buying another one once I get past the intial start up costs. This Edge is a proven shooter, taking several animals out to 1000yds and a 1 shot kill on an Antelope @ 1179yds. Here are the specs:

30" Hart barrel with radial fluting
Right-handed Rem. 700 action
Defensive Edge muzzle brake
HS stock w/ adjustable cheek piece
Stock is painted in snake skin camo and rest of rifle in desert tan
Timney trigger
Cosine angle indicator and bubble level
Wyatts extended mag box

Nightforce 5.5-22X50 NXS NP-R2 reticle (lighted)
Badger Ordnance Rings and Bases (20 moa built in)

Matching Harris Bi-pod
Redding 338/300 Deluxe Die Set
New box of Nosler custom brass
Cleaning rod (tipton I believe)

Asking $4,250.00

This gun has been well taken care of, it does have some paint chips here and there ( very minor) but is still in exceptional shape. I will share the load recipe that I have been using at my altitude and conditions to get the best groups. I have been exclusively using 300 grain SMK's. Any questions please feel free to ask them here or email me and I will do my best to answer them.
Not sure how to post pics, but if you are interested I can email them to you.
[email protected]
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Picture assist to another Husker....






If you decide to start breaking this up I'd be interested in the dies. I'm having one built right now.


If you split up the setup I would be interested in the riflr, base and dies. I have NXS and mounts. I like the rifle and caliber, just a new one is out of my price range. thanks, Mitch
lightbulb Kerry, I sent out a check Friday morning as negotiated. Had a good time at gun show, even tho my pockets were empty... Look forward to getting the set up from u. Dont forget you mentioned that you would thro in that extra 100 fired brass if u would. Did u figure out something good on shipping it safe? Keep me updated. Thanks:D
Well, since you've got people interested in the rifle, bases, dies and everything else- if you are interested in breaking it up I am interested in the scope!