For all you 30-06 owners, what bullet are you using?

Idaho Lefty

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Jan 29, 2018
The absolute BEST, "Killing" Bullet and load for us, was the 165 grain Partition's on top of, 57 gr's of, IMR 4350.
Son put one thu, a 450 lb Cinnamon Bear at 110 Yards and he died QUICKLY, within, 20 yards of Impact, .. 2 1/2 " exit hole !
Shot behind shoulder, on one side and breaking the "off" side, shoulder. Lots of Blood and a SHORT, Tracking job !
Per F & G he was 15 years old and he had, the Scars, to prove it !
This Bullet, usually passed thru, Elk, too !
We were not to enamored with, the Accubonds or ELD-X's as we found them to be, "Hard" bullets that, penetrated well, but not much of, a "Wound channel" !
Very accurate and a Max load so, "work up" carefully ( 2,835 FPS ).
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Feb 13, 2018
Eastern NC
I used Winchester Deer Season for a year or two and crushed Whitetails but I switched to Sierra 150s for better accuracy when I gained access to some at land and further shots. Tried some 168 Berger’s last year but didn’t care for them despite liking them in everything else. Gun shot accubonds lights and I took one deer but never bought anymore.
Been playing with hammers since the end of season and I am looking forward to hunting them next year. Worked up the 137 and 124 with H4895, Varget and, 414. Varget was best but using 4895 due to the amount I have and the Varget is designated for the creed

Larry K

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Apr 3, 2018
Milwaukee, WI
I like the 180 grain accubond lr, I get just under 2700 fps out of a 22" barrel, took a moose at a little under 400 yds, found bullet under the hide on the far side of the ribs, and a black bear at about 7 yds, pretty much always get big exit holes on whitetails.


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May 3, 2020
I shoot a little old school in mine (granted it was a load developed 25 years ago, and still holds today).

165 Hornady BT Interlock, w/ H4831. REM 700, 30 year old rifle. Tried and true recipe for my gun. Your mileage may vary :)

if I am having a bad range trip, this combo will tell me if it’s a bad day or not, I can rule out me as the shooter or the gun/bullet combo. At 200 yds, I can get 2 out of 3 touching and the 3rd is usually within an inch. If I could hold a 3 shot clover at 200, I would walk away for the day. :)

I have tried a few other bullets, 165-180 grain, and a few powders, and never matched the old load makeup. Have been close, but can’t unseat the old load.

wierd part, H4831 is not showing up on “new” load data for 165 gr. It certainly shows up in my manuals.

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