Flush cup pics


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Apr 20, 2019
Hey gang

looking for some pics for a flush cup layout on a AG stock. I’m removing the sling studs and putting a pic rail in place of the forearms studs. I’m hoping the added flush cups don’t rip out or the stock breaks where the flush cups are installed. I know the stock is foam filled and am not sure how thick the outer layer is for tapping and securement.

the flush cups I ordered are the threaded grovtec limited rotation. I am planning to put one left and right side of forearm and possibly one on the bottom to give more room on the pic rail if I ever decide what tripod to mount. The pic rail has a mount built in. I am just trying to decide wether to stagger the bottom and sides to not create a weak point or am I over thinking this?

I will also add the last one on the left side of butt. I ordered full rotation cups for the butt. The pic is of the forearm with pic installed using the stud bosses and new 10-32 screws.

Thanks In Advance



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